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Nutratrials is looking for expert and professional writers who seek to describe topics related to health and wellness, directly to our website. All guest post writers are welcomed here who can share their creativity, ideas, and suggestions of knowledge related to healthy living lifestyle.

We are eliminating quality blog and content writing activities written on a weekly basis to maintain the consistency and keep readers aware of different health statistics.

Our health club comes with the preparation and representation of contents in an aggregate of 1-2 quality post per week for new writers, and we will be glad to be in a suggestion with individuals who love to write for us for long duration and describe pros and cons of health medications, exercises, supplements, etc.

Guidelines For Guest Posting

Content-Length: We recommend the content creation that is associated with readers queries and wish to include articles that are of 1200+ words at least, and not less than that. Please maintain the content length and quality of content according to our guidelines.

Make Readers Comfortable: The goal of our website is to give the best suggestion to readers related to health improvement on various corners of health such as exercise, skincare, muscle building, weight loss, diet, personal and professional health suggestions, nutritional foods to take, and vigorous health-boosting activities.

Contents that arrive out of topic are denied to get published on our website. You may include various keywords related to your article topic, add videos and images if needed to make readers comfortable. Please maintain the quality concept of the articles you write for us and keep it simple so that readers easily understand it.

No Irrelevant Links: Irrelevant links interlocked with articles are rejected here since we follow Google penguin guidelines. However, one link could be added to the subject according to its relevancy.

Videos and Screenshots: We already discussed the accessory factors that bring the reader towards examining your posts. You can use screenshots, images, and videos too for readers convenience.

No Affiliate Link: You are not allowed to post any affiliate link to the content words or images in any condition.

Copyright: We strictly follow the rule and regulations to maintain content guidelines, using copied contents from any websites or blogs are not allowed. Writers found doing such copy-paste activities would be banned permanently for future writing work with us and their content will be deleted.

Be Informative: The first written paragraph and sentence of the content must be eye-catching and should be written in such style so that it engages viewers to go further with reading. Try to publish contents that boost knowledge of the readers, are informative, not promotional.

#Note: Contact at nutratrials@gmail.com


If you are interested in writing a guest post for nutratrials.com, we suggest you write an email to nutratrials@gmail.com with your short Bio and brief information about the website.

Nutratrials.com is a new Review website providing health readers and buyers with a bunch of information related to Weight Loss Supplements, Muscle Building Supplements, Male Enhancement Supplements, Brain Health Pills and SkinCare Creams & Serums. We are soon going to start new categories associated with Blog Monetization, Google AdSense, and Amazon FBA.

So we are in search of guest writers who can write creative & fresh content. Nutratrials.com would like to encourage such writers and provide opportunities to get their content included in our categories. Once your article is published; we expect that you would share it on your social media channels.