Things to Learn And Remember About A Migraine

Things to Learn And Remember About Migraine - Nutra Trials

A migraine is not a curse and is very much curable so act immediately with any of the symptoms you experience, which are described briefly below.

What is Migraine?

Have you ever heard about or suffered through the symptoms of a migraine? In the short term, it is considered a neurological condition that arrives through various symptoms such as intense headaches, vomiting, difficulty in pronouncing or speaking, numbness, sensitivity to light and nausea. It is a normal condition that may affect any of the individuals today of all age groups.

To diagnose the condition of a migraine, it is usually depended on the symptoms that are experienced by the individual and the report issued by the clinic of the checkup.   The most popular sections of migraine neuralgia are that outward aura, and those with the atmosphere are usually called as classic migraines. Migraines may start during the childhood period and may either not affect even during old age group. Compared to men women are more prone to experience the symptoms of a migraine headache.

What is Migraine - Nutra Trials

Symptoms of a Migraine

Prodrome period is the first stage of a migraine where a migraine may arrive even two to three days before a headache.  Its usual symptoms include fatigue or low energy, hyperactivity, depression, neck stiffness, frequent yawning, irritability and food cravings.

The other stage of a migraine is called an aura that arrives after the prodrome period and individuals may experience several issues in their movements, speech, sensation, and vision. Some common symptom of aura stage include

  • Having intense difficulty to speak the words clearly
  • The feeling of tingling sensation in your face and arms
  • Observing various light flashes, shapes, and bright spots
  • Momentarily losing your eyesight

The other phase is also called as attack period, which is the most painful duration where individuals experience real migraine pain. The stage may last from hours to days long making the survival painful. Few of the common symptoms of it include

  • Regular vomiting feel
  • Nausea
  • Enhanced sensitivity to sound and noise
  • Pain on all different sides of the head
  • Pulsing and throbbing pain in head

However, it is not necessary that an individual may experience intense pain some lucky persons could even escape migraine pain. Before the attack phase, an individual may go through the postdrome period where they may experience a change in their feelings and have mood swings. It may go from getting a feel of euphoric, happy, fatigue and apathetic. The length and depth of these stages may occur in several degree lengths in every different individual.

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Migraine Nausea

It has been reported clinically that around 70% of patients suffering from migraines experience symptoms of nausea, which has become very common today where in many cases individuals do vomit with such feeling. Such occurrence may even start from the same day of headache period and can last for a few hours till the pain continues. Both these vomit and nausea phase are troubling activities, however, in case of nausea condition individuals may carry forward with their common migraine medications. However, with vomiting issues, it may restrain individual to take pills as they would not be able to keep it stored for an extended period inside the body. Any delays made to medicines intake may result out in making migraine symptoms more intense.

How to treat nausea and restrict the vomiting phase

Individuals are experiencing nausea with no vomiting feeling, may be prescribed with antiemetic drugs or other things. An antiemetic is the best medicine that restricts vomiting feel and makes the nausea condition better. Using acupressure technique has been proven as an effective treatment method for nausea caused due to migraines. In a recently conducted study, it was discovered out that using such techniques resulted out in 30% lower chances of pain due to nausea.

Treatment of a Migraine

Yes if you are experiencing or struggling from the symptoms of a migraine, it could be cured with the help of doctors prescription. Physicians advice would work well to lower the chances of experience any a headache and even reduce the intensity of the pain that hits repeatedly. There are various alternatives to treat such issues that may include

  • Use of Acetaminophen (Tylenol), which is a common migraine medication
  • Going with self-care prevention remedies
  • Manage the stress level, live a better lifestyle and take different stress management courses.
  • Intake of prescribed medicines that leads to control nausea and vomiting
  • Taking care with hormone therapy if migraines arrive in association to hormone cycle
  • Getting brief counseling

There are various alternative treatments available to cure such as acupressure or acupuncture, yoga, and meditation.

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Why Migraines Arrive?

There have been various time to time researches going on by experts to know the real reason and best treatment procedures of migraines, and fortunately, many prominent aspects were explored out. Some common reasons for migraines arrival include excess alcohol consumption and smoking, dehydration factors, facing extreme weathers, changes in brain serotonin level, taking higher stress level, making out the excess physical workout, sound pollution, changes in barometric pressure, not eating proper nutritional meals and changes in hormone level inside the body.

A chronic Migraine

A chronic Migraine is a mixed symptom of a headache that arrives with migraines and different stress headaches. Such a condition is also termed as a severe migraine and is curable with the intake of prescribed medicines suggested by the physician. Individuals struggling with such issues usually experience a headache that lasts for months to two months with intense pain caused. Those who struggle with such problems often lead to experience depression, high blood pressure, neck injuries, severe headaches and even arthritis. In case you observe any symptoms immediately consult your doctor and start medicines to control the disease otherwise situation may get worst.

Migraines Among Children

No one can escape from the symptoms of migraines, and even children may experience the same symptoms compared to adults with headaches, nausea, and vomiting. This also leads to chances of experiencing stress and depression. The migraines attack may last for around 2 hours and may cross further for a few days. Common types of migraines that attack children are cyclic vomiting and abdominal headache.

Children or kids experiencing abdominal migraine suffer from the situation of stomachache and are least likely to suffer any a headache. The pain caused due to such issues may be severe and intense and arrives in the middle of the stomach section near the belly region.

Your child may also have a headache and also experience different symptoms of

  • Low appetite level
  • The arrival of nausea with or without vomiting condition
  • Experiencing Hypersensitivity to light and sound

Cyclic vomiting is another common migraine category that affects school going kids today and has the intensity to last for an hour. That also includes experiencing headache, sensitivity to sound and moderate stomach pain. These type of attacks usually arrive once every week and is very much predictable and curable. So if your child undergoes such symptoms then immediately consult your doctor.

The Conclusion

Experiencing headache or nausea has become common, and there is nothing to worry much about that. You may book an appointment with the doctor where they would recommend to take different body tests. After the arrival of the report, they would prescribe specific types of medicine to control the situation and obliterate it. Migraines headaches may drive different feel and could be severe and very much uncomfortable. The treatment options are available in a dozen of categories so choose what seems ideal to a health condition.

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