The Magic Pill: Heartening Benefits of Ashwagandha

The Magic Pill Heartening Benefits of Ashwagandha - Nutra Trials

Some people consider it as a root. Some people say it is a medicine. While rest consider it as an herb from heaven. Ashwagandha is a 3,000-year-old herb which is a natural stress-reliever that acts like a solid defense system against any damage to the brain.

The Magic Pill improves the immune system of the body resulting in an energized body with a healthy mind.

The Ashwagandha herb is a member of nightshade family of plants. The technical name is Withania somnifera, while at some places it goes by the name Indian ginseng.

There are unimaginable health benefits of using Ashwagandha. This Adaptogenic herb keep balance in the body. Which means strengthening the reproductive systems, endocrine, and overall metabolism system.

In this article we will look at some of the essential benefits of ashwagandha root and how it can boost brain function along with reduction of sugar levels in your body.

It’s old. It’s Gold. It can do wonders

The ancient Ashwagandha herb acts as an alternate form of Indian medicine that possess miraculous healing powers.

The word Ashwagandha stems from a Sanskrit language that means “smell of the horse”. The herb is both unique and a natural energy booster.

The modern society is polluted with Chronic stress. With more than two-thirds of the population visiting the physicians for stress-related issues which then transform into anxiety, gastrointestinal ulcers, and heart diseases. Thanks to Ashwagandha herb which is nothing more than a miracle.

Kick-off Cancer & years to your life

Studies done on animals have revealed that Ashwagandha helps induct apoptosis in the body which is known to fight and kill the damaged cells that are being infected with cancer.

Not just this, Ashwagandha hinders with the growth of new cancer cells.

Firstly, the Ashwagandha herb produce reactive oxygen species, that means it doesn’t harm the normal cells in human body with acts as a toxic to cancer cells. Secondly, the herb cause cancer cells to be less reactive to apoptosis.

The animal studies revealed that ashwagandha can eliminate various serious varieties of cancer, which includes colon, brain, lung, breast, and even ovarian cancer.

In one experiment the ovarian tumors in a mice were eliminated with Ashwagandha alone.

Boost Testosterone Levels in Men

One of major popularity factor of Ashwagandha among men is due to its spectacular power to boost testosterone levels in men.

In a study around 75 infertile men were given ashwagandha pills and these men displayed increased sperm count & the motility.

The treatment revealed that the testosterone levels were significantly increased without taking any other drugs.

Furthermore, the researchers reported that people who took the herb showed higher levels of antioxidant in the blood which can delay the cell damage process in a human body to some extent.

Another study concluded that people who received ashwagandha herb produced better quality of sperm. Such that just after taking the herb 14% of the men’s partners became after 3 months of treatment.

Show-off your body like a Wrestler

Further research revealed that those who took ashwagandha had miraculous changes in the structure of their body. They experienced natural growth in their muscles and showed more strength than normal people.

By experimenting on men, the effective dosage of ashwagandha, around 750–1,250 mg a day it was found that men gained strength right after 30 days.

Another interesting study revealed that ashwagandha drug not just increased the body mass, moreover, the drug doubled the reduction of fat in the body.

It is safe to say that taking Ashwagandha with a well-controlled diet can increase the muscle mass, eliminate the fat in the body, and increase the overall strength in men.

Memorize things like Sherlock

One superlative advantage of Ashwagandha herb is that it can heal the damage done to the brain by an injury or a disease.

When rats were treated with ashwagandha they experienced improvement of spatial memory impairment. This was due to the reduction in oxidative stress.

Although there is a small research regarding this, but results concluded that even a small amount of ashwagandha can enhance memory.

An amazing study revealed that taking ashwagandha herb can improve the reaction time and performance of the task as compared to people who did the placebo effect.

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Another experiment revealed that taking 300 mg of Ashwagandha herb twice a day can significantly enhance general memory, attention span, and focus.

To conclude it all

As you might have guessed now, Ashwagandha is not an ordinary herb. It gives a host of benefits to humans. People with myeloproliferative disorders (problems related to blood) must consult a practitioner before taking Ashwagandha, and so should people who take supplements with sedative qualities.

All and all Ashwagandha herb can increase body mass, improve memory, built up the immune system, and hike the Testosterone levels in men.