Skin Care Rules You Need To Follow And Break

Skin Care Rules You Need To Follow And Break - Nutra Trials

Skincare stands to be an essential aspect you can’t ignore regardless of your facial impression, no matter what age group you are off, how well your skin tone is and what type is it. Today we would discuss all critical topics related to perfect skin appearance. At our informative website, you would experience varieties of information gathering that leads to resolve and tackle all skin issues, arriving due to low nutrition, aging or other concerns. Along with the skin care guide and advice, you would gather all vital information related to skin care products that aim to improve your skin condition.  You’ll be able to explore out essential tips and suggestions that lead to fighting against the skin care issues and suits the complexion.

Sun Damage

The enjoyable time you spent at the beach or other sunny places is enough to deliver high UV exposure of sun to the skin surface, which is enough to cause high damage. One might easily notice the visibility of clumsy looking dark spots with poor skin tone, which is not a good symptom to experience.  According to dermatologists group “summer season is enough to bring high damage to skin condition despite its essential Vitamin D requirement.”

Most probably all patients suffering from sunburn are prescribed to use antioxidant-rich sunscreen serums that protect skin from free radical damage and improve the skin tone.  A broad spectrum or dry touch sunscreen including Vitamin C, ferulic acid and vitamin E elements would be the best option to consider. Such ingredients fight against skin discoloration and work to improve the skin complexion.

Further dermatologists state “If you believe summer is over and there would be no more suffering caused to skin from UVA rays, you are absolutely mistaken.” Sunscreen stands to be the best anti-aging regime that you might consider applying every day. The best feature of is it to restrict the formation of fine lines and hyperpigmentation. Individuals are advised to use at least 30 SPF sunscreen creams or lotions that include antioxidants and protect skin from aging concerns and free radical damage.

Chapped Lips

Summer brings dryness to various skin segments, and your lips can’t escape from such issues. Licking lips constantly might deliver instant relief but that is for a temporary period and doing so frequently might include higher sensitivity to chapped lips. One of the ideal activity that you might consider doing to make lips hydrated and nourished is to go with the application of lip balm. If you consume regular water intake along with green tea that would deliver the hydrating agent to fight against dehydration and smoothen up lips texture.

Keratosis Pilaris

Cracks visible on the back portion of the arms are keratosis pilaris or chicken skin and might get increased with winters arrival, and most probably it might be due to genetic heredity and takes a long time to get cured. To reduce the chances of making situation worst one might consider the use of Exfoliating Body Polish that leads to smoothen skin surface. Any serum or cream including Salicylic acid might be an ideal source to go. After the application, it gets mixed into the follicle and leads to exfoliate dead skin cells. The application along with arms could also be used on legs and face. Any source including the low percentage of retinol or Lactic acid might be useful to deliver relief from  Keratosis Pilaris.  However, make sure that you are protected with sunscreen because lactic acid might be susceptible to UVA damage.

Dry Skin

Nothing to get shocked when you check the skin surface as oily in summer and dry in winter seasons. This happens because the shift in humidity makes an appearance to skin texture. However, with reduced humidity level you would experience dry skim surface and here arrives the need of moisturizing skin surface. You might consider using several moistures boosting sources to nourish the hydration factor and restrict skin to get dry. Products made for sensitive skin are the best choice since they never react negatively and one might also prefer using a night cream. There are several oil-free moisturizers available in the market to boost the moisture balance and most probably they are made with retinol extracts. However, retinol might irritate so you may discontinue the use for some time. During winter consider taking showers with lukewarm water because too hot water might reduce the moisture balance of the skin and cause dryness.

Many individuals consider several skin regimes and have learned that it all works well, but in actual that might not be necessary. The steps that we feel as good for skin purpose might turn wrong on several occasions.

Something simple including washing face with water might also be the reason for pimples and creases arrival, and it could be the beginning of something worst entry in the future. Cosmetics and several skin products have a dark side that is untold and mostly criticized by dermatologist today.

Washing Face Twice Daily A Necessity?

We would never recommend our readers to restrict washing face daily to keep dirt and pollutant off. However, dermatologists say that washing face twice daily is not necessary every time. If you have no habits of putting makeup and avoid contact to direct pollution then washing face once in a day is sufficient. In fact, cleaning face less than that might be right. Cleansing face with several chemical based products puts skin dryness and also damages the natural layer of the face removing its hydrating agents. So wash face but avoid frequent application of facewash or cleansers.

Benzoyl Peroxide or Salicylic Acid Application?

Those who are experiencing the visibility of acne to their skin surface might be recommended to use products having benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid elements, but that advice might not be necessary always. Many dermatologists recommend that most of these sources are harsh and cause skin dryness breaking its natural moisture layer. Their overuse might lead to red and uneven skin surface that looks uneven and hard to get rid. Instead of those, one might consider the use of natural products that do not include such elements and are safe for skin tissues.

Is Eye Cream Essential?

Almost every woman who loves to protect skin from aging factors might consider the application of eye cream, but it would be a good idea to resist the use on many occasions. Most eye creams usually include elements like retinol, and if this is true, then one might consider its application. In general, one might also use several face cream application near eye segment. The dark side of eye cream says that they are mostly simple face creams and their packaging is different. So there is no requirement to spend additional money on eye creams. Instead, you might consider using a gentle moisturizer or night cream to apply near eye segment.

Natural Isn’t Always Safe

Many product labels mentioned their source as “natural,” and individuals consider their application as not risky for the skin segment. Majority of natural products might not be safe for skin if used in excess quantity and might damage the skin tissues. For example, if tea tree oil is applied in excess, it might deliver red skin visibility. So moral of the story says that natural only means gentle and if you are following up several skin products then follow the instructions provided carefully and go accordingly to stay safe.

Retin-A and retinol not for wrinkles only?

The general ingredients law usually describe the old theory that ingredients like Retin-A and retinol are only prescribed for the use of wrinkles. But this stands to be a myth only because experts say that individuals who wish to reduce acne, restrict wrinkles, improve skin tone or skin conditions might consider using these elements. These sources are made for all and have been under use for more than 50 years and very much safe for skin condition if used according to given instructions and prescription.

Exfoliating Isn’t Necessary Always

Individuals perception towards dead skin cells is negative, and they consider its removal immediately. For such a purpose, they include Exfoliating agents every day. But the truth is different; dead cells work to prevent skin from pollution and other bacterial infections so it might be better if you Exfoliate face once or twice in a week only. It doesn’t matter how much exfoliation process you consider, but the key is the type of exfoliator you are using. Many dermatologists recommend avoiding face scrubs that have sharp particles that tend to injure the skin. Instead,  go for sources that include alpha hydroxy or lactic acid.


So these were some common skincare strategies that you might consider using to keep skin safe and protected from several external elements. Skin is a vital element of the body, and your facial expression describes your identity so keep it safe and nourished with all essential elements that are necessary.