Key Losses of Hair Loss Among Men and Women

Hair Loss Among Men and Women - Nutra Trials

It’s a genuine fact that compared to women men are likely to experience hair loss and that leads to baldness phase that is enough to ruin their personal appearance.

However, thinning of hair and hair fall structure has become common among women, and that is the most frustrating thing to experience.  Reasons may vary from the temporary vitamin insufficiency—to the more complicated, like an underlying health situation.

In some cases, there are varied methods to cure all male and female hair loss, which entirely depends on the cause that made such a presence.  Hair loss may also arrive due to genetic heredity that is common among men, but most women are also facing such issues.

Hair Loss Tretment Men and Women - Nutra Trials

Key Reasons to Experience Hair Loss

Lack of Protein

Protein stands to be the most crucial aspect for the hair growth factor and if you are lacking the source then indeed you are going to lose the structure. If the protein sources are consistently not taken to diet for three to the fourth month, then you would experience hair fall process. To overcome such issues, you may go for different protein-rich sources including eggs, meat, and fish. If you don’t like taking such sources, then you may also include different vegetables and fruits.

Excess Stress Level

Any particular category of physical stress or trauma such as past surgery, illness, accident, jaundice or flu may lead to temporary hair fall and cause some baldness. This can speed up the unique process of hair fall that usually called as telogen effluvium. Hair has a scheduled stage of the cycle that includes growth phase, rest as well as shedding phase in the end. During several observation of physical stress level, it may resist the hair cycle making it decline with growth stage and cause natural shedding. Hair loss often becomes prominent three to four months after the health issue that occurred recently. You don’t need to get worried here because as soon as you get recovered with trauma, then the hair cycle would start to grow again and make a recovery with hair fall process.


Pregnancy is another category of hair loss stage that caused the growth cycle to get paused for a temporary time. The cause of hair loss during pregnancy usually occurs after the delivery period rather than bearing baby during the pregnancy period. According to health experts “Hairfall is a normal process during, and that would get eliminated soon so no need to get worried here about such issues.

Key-Losses-of-Hair-Loss-Among-Men-and-Women - Nutra Trials

Heredity Phase

Just like male group today female also experience heredity hair loss that is called as androgenetic alopecia that is female hair baldness compared to male baldness version. According to hair experts “If you arrive from a family where women usually experience hair fall, then it is likely to enter from your hair health as well.

Unlike men, women don’t attend to have a declining hairline, preferably, their hair segment may increase and they may ought notable weakening of hair. Just like men women usually get benefit from the use of minoxidil (Rogaine) that aids for proper hair growth and may also lead to having thicker, bouncy and shinier hair surface. Rogaine is today available at different medical clinics and is recommended for women with such category of hair loss.

Anemia Phase

According to a recently conducted study every one woman among men, aged between 21 to 45 experience anemia usually due to iron deficiency inside the body, which is an undoubtedly fixable cause of hair loss. Your physician often needs to have a blood checkup and make sure to apply the best medication to overcome from such iron deficiency inside the body. One may also go for the consumption of iron-based supplements that may assist to overcome such issues.  In an attachment to hair loss, other indications of anemia introduce fatigue, dizziness, pale skin, headache, and cold feet.

Hair Styling

The excess makeover of hair through various styling and hair treatments from time to time may usually lead to experience damage to hair follicles and causes excess downfall. Examples of radical styling involve tight braids or hair weaves including chemical relaxers used for straightening for hair root and other categories of hot oil treatment that is used with excess heat and some harsh chemicals applied to hair. In addition to bypassing these styles and therapies, the expert dermatologists usually recommend the use of hair conditioners application after washing hair with shampoo. Letting your hair dry, restricting the quantity of time the curling iron gets in contact with hair roots and practicing heat driven appliances not more than once in a week.

The Conclusion

So those were the principal causes of hair fall and most of them are temporary. In case you are experiencing any permanent baldness then it would be better to consult a dermatologist and ask for the best prescription instead of using hair sources that are not evaluated by food and drug administration.

Key Losses of Hair Loss Among Men and Women - Nutra Trials

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